Uncle Boy’s San Francisco


While out for a day in San Francisco, my boyfriend Mac and I were just leaving Golden Gate Park in search of food. It was around 2 o’clock and we were STARVING. We don’t know where anything is in the city quite yet, so I pulled up Yelp. I wanted the closest and most decent looking place we could find. I was extremely hangry and needed something to hit the spot. We both could eat burgers every day of our lives so we gravitated towards the Yelp on Uncle Boy’s Burgers. After clicking through a few photos I was sold. They had me at onion rings. The place is a tiny hole in the wall in the Richmond district. The seating area, register, kitchen and storage are literally all in the same room. I was kind of confused coming in because there was no menu on the wall but we were immediately handed a menu and were assisted by the guys working. I ordered the “Hot Mess” burger, which had tons of jalepenos, bacon, cheddar cheese, and “hot mess sauce”. Mac ordered the “Italian Stallion” burger which came with jack cheese, mozzarella sticks, and marinara sauce. We also got onion rings and french fries. We’ve both had a lot of burgers but this place is definitely in our top five favorite places. Seriously, click on that picture, they look amazing. Both burgers were so good we finished them entirely (they were huge too!). Mac’s burger seemed so weird but the mozzarella sticks were amazing on the burger. The onion rings were probably the best I’ve had in a really long time. They weren’t pulled out of the freezer and just thrown in the frier either (which I’m totally not against. Those are great too) . I saw them flouring fresh onions and breading them at the counter. The food was all super good and I cannot wait to go back. Here’s the link to their Yelp: Uncle Boy’s yelp . Don’t let one bad review fool you with anywhere though. Some of the best places I go have the worst reviews.

Also check out their Instagram for some good foodie pics. If this doesn’t make you wanna go, I don’t know what will! Uncle Boy’s Insta

xo Shayne


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