Milk & Wood

IMG_4894IMG_4900I first discovered Milk & Wood from an Instagram post and had to check it out! They are located in downtown San Jose in the SOFA Marketplace. The ice cream (I think that’s what it is. Milk? lol) bars come in a variety of flavors and have tons of toppings to choose from. My boyfriend Mac and I stopped by Milk & Wood before going to a Sharks game and I was really happy with the place. I got a green tea pop that had a Kit-Kat inside the middle (sounds weird but super good) with milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzle, and almonds and fruity pebbles on top. Mac got a Reese’s peanut butter pop with the same chocolate drizzle, and butterfingers and chocolate chips on top. We both LOVED them. They’re super creamy and sweet and I loved the unique flavors. I already can’t wait to go again and try the other flavors! Check out their instagram posts and you will probably be headed their way sooner than later! Milk&Wood Insta!


xo Shayne


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